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Karaoke rooms in Clark County may soon welcome minors


Nov 25, 2022

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Belting tunes in Clark County karaoke rooms is only allowed for people 21 and over, if the establishment sells alcohol. It’s a rule most people and even some karaoke lounges may not know.

County Commissioner Justin Jones brought up a proposal earlier this month after he found out a local karaoke longue was cited for allowing minors in their karaoke rooms.

“I think it had been unknown to the facilities and perhaps even within the department that was an issue,” Jones said. “I brought my kids to karaoke facilities and never had an issue.”

Ganzy Karaoke, in the southwest valley, allowed minors into their lounge until about three months ago when there was a check on lounges around Las Vegas. That’s when Ganzy learned they weren’t permitted to have minors inside, because they sell alcohol and only have private rooms.

“Once we heard about it we had to shut it down right away,” manager Ivan Sakata said.

Sakata said about 25% of their business was parties that included minors.

“That would be perfect for us. I think business would be a lot better for us,” Sakata said.

The proposed changes would allow minors in karaoke rooms, but alcohol has to be served with food. Hours when minors are allowed would be restricted. Lounges would also have to come up with a security plan outlining how minors won’t have access to alcohol. Karaoke rooms would have to have a window or unobstructed view if minors are there.

“It’s better for us and better for families. We’re constantly getting phone calls requesting birthday parties or graduations, and we’re constantly having to turn them down. It’s very disappointing,” Sakata said.

The next step for the county is establishing the exact details on the changes.

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